It's Go Time!

creative mind dig deep elevate performace find the "one thing" free up energy go time goal setting high achievers inner fortitude magic mental strength momentum raise your vibration results driven success tapping time is of the essence transform transformation vibes willpower womxn of wealth Sep 27, 2023
Go Time Vibes is the WOW theme for October!
It reminds us that time IS of the essence.
Meet Monica Bozinov, a high achiever with a hidden strength. Despite her impressive success, she holds a powerful secret, hidden from view. But here's the twist: her restraint isn't a weakness; it's a testament to her inner fortitude.
Monica harnesses mental strength, willpower, and productive habits to excel. Are you ready to elevate your performance and achieve even greater results? Monica can help you tap into your subconscious, a key element often overlooked by many high achievers.
Your subconscious holds the power to shape 95% of your decision-making process. By consciously selecting which beliefs and emotions to retain and which to transform, you can redesign your life's trajectory. When your subconscious aligns with your creative mind, you become the architect of your destiny. Prepare for liftoff!
WOW Executive Director, Dana Shepple, recently met with Monica and went through the Dig Deep Experience and said, "Monica has such a gift to understand how you are feeling and has such a unique way of approaching her sessions that are gentle yet effective. She always makes her clients the priority and lets the sessions lead freely to achieve the end goal." 
In the spirit of Go Time Vibes, Monica has decided to gift everyone within WOW's orbit a Dig Deep Experience. 
It is an hour long session, we will dig in and deal with that "one thing" that you know will
• free up energy
• raise your vibration  
• create massive forward momentum
"Magical things happen when we are all in!" - Dana Shepple, WOW Executive Director
This is Monica's way of going all in and serving WOW's community from my zone of genius by providing you with deep empowerment coaching as you are wrapping up 2023 and preparing for 2024.
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