WOW Board of Directors


Lisa Alexander

Lately, I've been exploring the concepts of reciprocity, engagement, and shifting my energy toward things that matter (to me). When I get quiet and still, I am able to compassionately shift my focus inward and feel the things that matter (and the things that don't).
In my inner circle; my daughter, family, friends, health, and well being matter dearly to me. 
In my professional and social life, the things that matter have shifted significantly the past few years. As I have gained insight, I have also gained energy and passion toward social justice , advocacy, volunteering, centering financial prosperity and education, and most notably stepping outside my comfort zone to do 'the thing(s)' I did not think I could do (or that trigger so much fear and anxiety to the point I freeze or flee).
As a career woman, single mother, and bead winner for my family, I am fully immersed in the world of the independent woman. This role is not for the faint of heart. This role is for the warrioress spirit in all her forms. And, my warrioress spirit is evolving and softening into belief, trust, confidence,  abundance and ease, I have consciously created more space to expand and grow. 
I have always wanted to serve on a board, and WOW presents the perfect opportunity. I want to sit at the table with women of integrity, intelligence, kindness, and a growth mindset. I have a passion to empower women through reciprocity and engagement in positive action.  I want to bring value, strategize, take ownership and action, and be a part of something meaningful and impactful for women and society. 

Kelli Richards

Kelli Richards is recognized as a leader and a trailblazer in the world of digital media where Silicon Valley meets Hollywood. She was a long-time Apple exec in charge of music and entertainment and has worked with tech & media execs, celebs, musicians, innovators and entrepreneurs fostering new ways to re-imagine content creation, monetization and distribution to delight consumers.  Suffice it to say she works on cool things with cool people.
She’s also been certified as a coach, and for nearly 25 years has served as a trusted advisor to successful creatives, entrepreneurs and innovators as they’ve approached their “what’s next” crossroads. In this context, she has supported her clients holistically across both their professional and personal lives to re-invent and pivot such that their lives are more fulfilling and more focused on what really matters to them in their next chapter. She thrives in working with purpose-driven, creative, innovative and forward-thinking individuals who want more meaning from their work and their lives as they fine-tune their legacies.
Kelli is known as a thought leader as a (former) host of her own podcast, has published several books and scores of articles in leading publications, and is frequently sought after as a guest contributor for select podcasts and events. She holds an MBA, two coaching certifications (focused on integrative coaching), and has been honored as a “Top 100 Woman of Influence” by Silicon Valley Business Journal.

As someone who has been a corporate exec and an entrepreneur, I’m proud to have run my own successful small business practice for over 25 years.  I’ve always been focused on financial empowerment, and a big believer in compound interest over time (as well as diversification) in terms of building wealth.  I began to fund my retirement with my first paycheck in high school.  But as knowledgeable as I’ve been on my own, being a member of WoW allows me to align with other women who share my views in terms of creating purpose-driven wealth, and provides access to new information and new opportunities to diversify my portfolio with alternate investments I otherwise might not be privy to. It’s also a group where we support each other’s goals holistically and celebrate our wins as they happen.  It’s an amazing group of kindred spirits!


Kristina Sawyer

Kristina Sawyer is the Vice President of Lending for Arixa Capital Advisors and Crosswind Financial. In her role, she primarily focuses on the launch of new ventures and loan originations for various Arixa-managed portfolios, while managing client and broker relationships. In addition, she manages the technology operations and development of Arixa’s operating platform. In her ten-year tenure, Sawyer has spearheaded strategic priorities for the firm that have enabled the company to expand and deliver exceptional client services. She has played an integral role on our team and has helped service over 1,700 loans and counting. 

Ms. Sawyer is the only female originator on a team of eleven.  She continues to be one of the top performers originating over $100M per year, which consist of bridge, renovation, and ground-up construction loans.  Kristina was awarded the Industry Influencer award by Geraci Law Firm.  She has been recognized as an Inspirational Woman by the Los Angeles Times as an award nominee and a Woman of Influence by the Los Angeles Business Journal. 

Kristina Sawyer is also the Vice President of Real Estate Cashflow Network, Inc a full-service real estate brokerage firm specializing in commercial/investment real estate where she brings over 23 years of real estate experience in all aspects of real estate investing, lending, portfolio management, risk management, asset management, and property management.  She is a Realtor and a member of NAR, CAR, AAPL, WOW and WIPL, where she is one of the cofounders of the Women in Private Lending group (WIPL). 

Sawyer takes pride in being a resource to the early career professionals and has taken on the mentoring role with several women.  She is a strong believer that personal growth will naturally lead to professional growth when your professional goals are aligned with your personal desires.

It would be my honor to serve on the board of directors and co-create with AdaPia, Jennifer, and the other amazing women to support the WOW mission.  I believe in the power of education, women supporting women, and how strong woman are when we align together.  I believe in what WOW represents!  I was raised by a strong independent woman who taught me the importance of having my own money and the power of investing in real estate to build wealth.  My mother’s favorite quote, “It’s not how much money you make but how much money you keep and for how many generations you keep it.”  I am blessed to have a WOW mother and I am blessed to have found likeminded women in this group who are both successful in their line of work and evolved on their self-love journey.  I would like to support the WOW mission to bring this knowledge and awareness to all women.  


Elise McVeigh

Elise McVeigh started Elise McVeigh’s Life Camp seminar company in 2001, and Mrs. McVeigh’s Manners children’s manners school in 2003. McVeigh and her staff are proud to have taught thousands of children across the U.S. and U.K. Her fun and simple method of learning and practicing good manners. McVeigh has created a custom manners curriculum which includes hands-on materials such as storybooks, workbooks, coloring books, fun videos, charts, and games for in-person and online classes.

As a former journalist, McVeigh wrote a weekly manners advice column for ten years for the Dallas Morning News, and is a regular contributor to magazines such as Parents Magazine. She is a best-selling Amazon author of “A Parent’s Guide to Manners for Kids,” and has authored dozens of children's books. 

She has a lot of visibility in the media as a lifestyle and parenting expert, including appearances on dozens of TV news shows, and Martha Stewart Radio, Radio Disney, USA Today, Real Simple magazine, and Women's Day magazine. She wrote a weekly manners advice column for the Dallas Morning News for 10 years, and had a column in Parents Magazine online. She is also the Etiquette Expert and Spokesperson for Barbie Mattel’s Barbie Princess Charm School DVD.

McVeigh said, “I initially joined WOW because I was so impressed with Jennifer and AdaPia as leaders and as people. I liked the idea of networking with other female leaders, who were well-versed in various financial industries. What I did not realize was the amazing support that I would receive for my projects and business. I see it as a sisterhood of powerful leaders who will go above and beyond to help their members, and their communities. I just hope I can give to others and much as I have gotten out of WOW in such a small amount of time.”


Lynn Raynault

Lynn Raynault is CEO and co-founder of Questis and has over 25 years of experience developing and executing strategies globally for wealth management, not-for-profit, luxury and tech companies. She is the former President and co-founder of digital privacy service, Hush, former CEO and co-founder of Segments of One and the former CMO of Wealth-X. Prior to Wealth-X Lynn led the marketing function for Sotheby’s auction house as Vice President Americas Marketing. Earlier in her career, she held senior marketing positions at Lancome, William Grant & Sons and Heineken. Lynn sits on the board of several not-for-profit organizations where she advises on marketing and donor strategies. She holds an MBA from Columbia Business School, is fluent in English, proficient in French, can understand enough Italian to navigate a holiday with her in-laws (all from Rome!). Lynn lives between London and New York with her husband and two young children.


Metta World Peace


Born Ronald William Artest Jr. on Nov. 13, 1979, in Queensbridge, New York, Artest changed his name to Metta World Peace in September 2011 in an effort to encourage dialogue over physical violence and promote good will toward all.  He is the father of four children.  

Founder of Artest Management Group and Co CEO of XvsXSports , Metta looks to build his management company piece by piece . 

World Peace played professional basketball for 19 years.  In his career he played for 6 NBA teams.  He won the NBA World Championship with the LA Lakers in June 2010 and received the J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award – the NBA’s highest citizenship and community service honor – in April 2011. He was selected to the 2005-06 NBA’s All-Defensive Team, was voted by the media as 2003-04 NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year and was the only man with 271 steals in his first two seasons in the NBA, breaking Michael Jordan’s record. His autobiography, “No Malice: My Life in Basketball” was released in May 2018 with Triumph Publishing and a documentary on his life in basketball, “Ron Artest: The Quiet Storm” was released on Showtime in May 2019. World Peace is currently pursuing many entrepreneurial projects including the XvsXsports project which will launch to the general public in October 2020.

World Peace is also known as a prominent mental health advocate, pop culture personality and media favorite.  He raffled off his 2010 NBA World Championship Ring with the proceeds going to his nonprofit, Xcel University (now known as Artest University). The online ring raffle raised more than $650,000.  Funds were donated to nonprofits that provide mental health therapists and mental health services to their communities and to provide scholarships to underprivileged youth in the New York City area.  

Abhi Golhar

Abhi Golhar is a seasoned private equity investor, a dynamic entrepreneur, and a prominent media personality. His influence extends to the airwaves, where he has hosted three nationally syndicated radio shows on the prestigious Wall Street Business Radio Network. Abhi's insightful commentary and expertise in real estate investment and entrepreneurship have earned him recognition in major publications such as Forbes, Inc., and the Huffington Post. Abhi's valuable insights have also been featured in industry-specific magazines like Inman and Think Realty.

Driven by a profound passion for entrepreneurship, small businesses, and a commitment to reforming healthcare education, Abhi has successfully launched and nurtured seven startups throughout his career. Notably, his most recent venture, NPHub, took off in Q3 2017 and has since provided invaluable support to over 1,000 nurse practitioner students. Remarkably, this endeavor has achieved annual revenues exceeding $5 million, all without relying on venture capital, angel investors, or equity/debt investments.

Currently, Abhi Golhar serves as a managing principal at Meridian 84, a private equity firm based in Atlanta. In this role, he continues to leverage his expertise and visionary leadership to drive innovation and performance in his portfolio of businesses.