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Jennifer Burnham-Grubbs

Jennifer Azar Burnham-Grubbs graduated Summa Cum Laude and in the top 10% of her class at Princeton University. She entered the financial world shortly after college, only to discover it was riddled with outrageous discrepancies – especially between fiduciary expectations and actions of advisors of behalf of clients.

Determined to use her math and people skills for the power of good, Jennifer developed a mastery of insurance and risk management products while working at a boutique Los Angeles brokerage, supporting top business managers and celebrities in the entertainment industry. Then, in 2013, she boldly launched Quantum Insurance Services, an award-winning, national, commissions-agnostic insurance consulting firm servicing clients all throughout the US.

Jennifer believes strongly that money is a magnifier, and when used wisely it amplifies joy. She loves moving the needle on wealth and savings through intelligent focus.

AdaPia d'Errico

AdaPia d'Errico knew from a young age that financial independence was the means to control her own destiny. Despite believing she wasn't good at math, she started working in a bank at the age of 18 and completed business and economics degrees with a specialization in personal finance.

Throughout her 20-year career spanning banking, finance, real estate, and fintech, AdaPia battled inner demons and outer narratives like ‘only men can be wealthy’ and ‘don’t be greedy, be good’.

When she broke through these barriers and chose to claim abundance, wealth, and prosperity, she saw that there were many other women in the same boat. Smart, successful, powerful women who were still operating in the paradigm of trading time for money, or without the means to access strategies and investments that build sustainable wealth.

As a connected investor with visionary insights and access to exclusive operators and opportunities, AdaPia has made it her life’s work to facilitate the transformation that women go through when they step into the power of wealth. 

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