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Strong Financial Futures. 

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Moving women from financial

literacy, to fluency, to mastery.


WOW's mission is to elevate all women by helping them gain the tools, knowledge, and confidence to take wealth-building firmly into their own hands.

At WOW, we aim to revolutionize financial enablement for women, enriching lives through informed financial autonomy. Women still face wage disparity and longer lifespans, often sacrificing careers for familial roles. Such conditions can foster financial vulnerability and poverty, from lower-income groups to affluent women lacking financial assurance and acumen.

Our vision is inclusive and expansive; we extend our mission to empower women of varying financial statuses, enhancing their Abundance IQ™. We champion the mastery of wealth beyond the financial aspect—it’s a journey towards heightened confidence, self-assuredness, and self-reliance.

The result is
personal and financial empowerment
on every level.


How did WOW manifest?

  • We recognized a growing need and desire for wider and deeper conversations around finances amongst women, especially when they are grounded in self-empowerment, knowledge, confidence-building, action and accountability.  
  • We started having conversations with more women and found that many of them wanted to better understand and openly ask 'dumb questions' about financial matters. We found a lack of structural supporting for these kinds of conversations didn't exist, so created our own!


A community of women

leveling up, together.


WOW is a community where women can openly share, as questions, and learn how to create sustainable and generational wealth. We provide financial tools and experts, educational content, and organize events where women can learn together and put financial concepts into action.

Our inclusive approach and dedication to uplifting women from all walks of life have not only created a foundation for financial stability but also fostered a culture of charitable giving.

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WOW is so much more than an educational program; it is a community where women come together to elevate themselves and build their networks and their net worths. We are claiming our birthright to abundance and leaving a legacy of financially capable and empowered women for generations to come.

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How Our Members Have Been Impacted

"WOW has helped me and given me the courage I wouldn’t have had on my own. "


People and Talent Development Leader

"When you're ready, everything in the universe aligns to make it happen!"


Inspirational Key Note Speaker



"Thank you all for making me feel so welcome! I love this group!


Philanthropist and Entrepreneur 

"WOW created a beautiful community and safe space for women to learn & grow


Real Estate Professional

I want to express my deepest gratitude for my incredible journey as a part of WoW over the past year. This experience has been transformative, both professionally and personally.

As a female physician entrepreneur, navigating the financial landscape can lead to serious analysis paralysis and ultimately lost opportunities. Thanks to WoW, I've gained invaluable financial education and formed lifelong friendships with phenomenal women who share a passion for financial success and empowerment.

The knowledge I've gained from this mastermind has revolutionized how I approach my financial strategies. Learning from experts and engaging in meaningful dialogues has allowed me to make more informed decisions and opened me up to unique investments that hadn’t even been on my radar.

Seeing WoW’s positive impact on my daughter Rose, who is studying at UCLA is even more amazing. She’s had the privilege of learning alongside me, attending lectures, and networking with extraordinary female entrepreneurs. This experience has enriched her understanding of finance, investing and provided her with many dynamic female role models.

Jennifer and AdaPia- your leadership and dedication to nurturing our mastermind has been awe-inspiring. Your guidance, wisdom, and genuine care for each member have made us feel like more than just colleagues; we are a family- bound by our common aspirations and shared experiences.

Thank you, WoW, for being a source of inspiration and a catalyst for growth in my and my daughter's lives. You've equipped us with financial acumen and created a sense of sisterhood and collaboration that will resonate throughout our entrepreneurial journeys.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Dr. V.S. / Feminine Flame MD

Dip Your Toes With Our Wealth Mastery for Women Series

Not ready for the mastermind? It's ok! We offer a recorded webinar series, led by AdaPia and Jennifer, with special expert guests, covering essential topics such as wealth-building strategies, tax planning, long-term care, investment insights, and retirement planning. You will gain a deep understanding of topics from the role of stocks and bonds, to private equity, real estate, and cryptocurrency investing. 

Wealth Mastery for Women provides essential and advanced tools and immediately applicable information for financial freedom, risk management, and a macroeconomic outlook for the coming years. It's designed to elevate your financial knowledge and confidence.


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