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WOW's mission is to elevate all women by helping them gain the tools, knowledge, and confidence to take wealth-building firmly into their own hands. We spread our vision to our growing and inclusive community so that abundance and financial confidence become a reality for all women, everywhere.

By becoming a WOW Supporting Member, you gain access to your own personal financial coach, community, and tools to meet you where you are and guide you through achieving your financial goals. 



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Personalized financial help that meets you where you are - wherever that may be.   


WOW and Questis have partnered to bring a life changing platform to members who want to move the needle on their Abundance IQ™.  By joining WOW as a Supporting Member, you automatically receive access to the exclusive Questis platform which is normally only available through employers. This valuable app allows you to increase your financial literacy, fluency and mastery by working with a wide array of tools designed to guide you on your journey.

As a Supporting Member, you also have access to WOW's educational content and participate in exclusive virtual events and in-person events including our weekly group meditation as well as expert webinars, workshops, leadership luncheons, conferences, and our annual abundance and manifestation retreat. 

Financial experts to help you heal the root causes of financial stress through consistent, compassionate support. 


We meet you where you are by helping you to create a roadmap to accomplish your financial goals, starting with one at a time. Your top goal could be paying off high-interest rate debt, paying down student loans, or saving up an emergency fund. No matter what your goals are, we have the tools to get you there. 

And, as a Supporting Member of WOW, you also get access to a community of like-minded women who are on the same journey to moving the needle on personal and professional abundance at every level. SO, as you grow, we grow together, lifting as we climb!

DIY technology for creating financial goals, money moves, and spending plans and support along the way. 


No single person can be expected to know it all and do it all. Link up with your coaches for unlimited sessions and join the community to connect and celebrate your success along the way!

The Questis app has a living, breathing chat space where you can ask questions, seek sounding boards and/or share experiences in real time with others along the way.

You’re just a few steps away from taking action toward your financial mastery. 


Meet The Coaches

  • Discover your beliefs about money
  • Create an achievable goal and action plan
  • Develop  spending plan you can live with
  • Make a realistic plan for paying down debt
  • Estimate retirement income and spending

By joining WOW, you automatically receive free, unlimited access to all of these amazing personal coaches on the Questis platform as part of your WOW Supporting Membership.

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"I feel like I can see the light and I am making headway thanks to Questis. I have set up auto-savings, reviewed my credit score, canceled subscriptions, and am tracking my spending. All really great stuff. I am confidently moving forward to a better place."



"I'm dealing with a tough financial situation with a family member, and my coach helped me think through the options. Her empathy and kindness made her easy to talk to about what was happening. I am thankful I had an objective person to talk to for another perspective."

- Member


"Having the chance to hear you all talk about money evefry week has inspired me to have more frequent financial conversations. It's so much easier when we talk about money regularly instead of only waiting until there's a problem."

- Member

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We're on a mission to transform your relationship with money. WOW offers a simple-to-follow, scientific path to financial empowerment that supports mindful behavioral change.
No matter where you are in your journey, we will meet you at your paycheck to help you make empowered financial decisions.

A healthier relationship with money is possible!