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An exclusive live Masterclass by Gale West, author of Money Come Dance With Me . 

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What is included?

Exclusive live Masterclass with Gale!

Q&A to answer all your questions

Group discussion & energy forum

Gale, author of, Money Come Dance With Me will walk us through the first dance step in Chapter 1 and we will write a letter to money as a collective group. Then Gale will dive deeper into "The Transceiver" from Chapter 10, and then we will have a live Q&A session. 

"Money, come dance with me. Dance with me in my humanity and divinity, as an expansive creator being, as conscious mindful flow, as a love-maker in the marketplace, as generosity, as joy, as wealth, as delight, as a rewriter of stories, as a healer and healed one. Money, as the expression Divine Source, come dance with me." - Gale West

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About Gale West

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Gale West has 25 years of experience in inspiring greatness, Gale  is your intuitive consultant, and guide to a life and business filled with purpose and abundance. Her journey has been one of profound insight and creative innovation, leading to a powerful ability to ignite permanent, lasting shifts using the unique tools she has crafted and collected throughout her extensive career.

Her life's mission is nothing short of redefining success – a mission that harmonizes personal fulfillment, financial prosperity, and the betterment of the world. Through consulting, coaching, training, writing, healing, and intentional creativity, Gale transforms lives and businesses into epicenters of holistic success.

Gale works globally, partnering with conscious entrepreneurs and creatives who are destined for more significant impact but struggle to realize their potential. She guides them in reimagining their relationship with money and success, unlocking the joy, adventure, and financial expansion that comes from aligning heart and soul. She also collaborates with organizations eager to break free from old cultural patterns and embrace a sustainable, expansive, and soul-driven vision.

Ready to embark on a transformative journey with Gale West? Discover a new relationship with money as your friend with her complimentary exclusive Masterclass!

We highly encourage you to purchase and read "Money Come Dance With Me" prior to the session - Gale will be guiding us collectively through some of the "Dance Steps" in the book to embark on this sacred journey to financial transformation. 

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