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Weekly Attunements

Meet with us (off camera) on Monday mornings at 8 am PST/11 am EST for approximately 15 minutes on a collective Attunement call that allows us to center and align to our highest intentions for ourselves each week.

Financial Coaching

Certified financial coaches provide support and meet you where you are to help you create a roadmap to accomplish your financial goals, one at a time.

As you grow, we grow together, lifting as we climb!

Financial Tools

The Questis app has a suite of easy-to-use financial tools that automate your financial picture and an on-demand chat space where you can ask questions, seek sounding boards, and/or share experiences in real-time with others along the way.

Co-Founder Luncheons

Meet with WOW co-founders and other members quarterly for a virtual lunch to connect, expand your network, share your journey, ask questions, and participate in WOW's initiatives with others from the community.

Virtual and Live Events

Invitations and exclusive access to WOW events, including virtual and live workshops, retreats and other in-person events. You'll also have the opportunity to host, present or speak at these events.

Access to WOW Events

Invitations and exclusive access to WOW events, including retreats and in-person events. You'll also have the opportunity to host, present or speak at these events.

Community Forums

A thriving network where like-minded women from all walks of life gather to learn, ask questions, and build connections while building their net worth. Together we can do so much more!

Discounted Event Admission

Enjoy a 15% discount on all paid events and educational programs. 

(Excludes WOW retreats.)



WOW offers exclusive webinars, presentations and masterclasses that provide topical expertise, unparalleled knowledge and and incredible value to continue growing your financial foundation.

Priority Mastermind Access

The WOW Mastermind is a small and exclusive circle. You'll have the first chance to join the mastermind when spots open.



Your membership fee is 100% tax-deductible. You get the benefit of being part of WOW, and reducing your taxable income. 

$500 Tax-Deduction

Your $500 annual membership fee is 100% tax-deductible.

WOW & Questis


WOW and Questis have partnered to bring a life changing platform to members who want to move the needle on their Abundance IQ‚ĄĘ. By becoming a WOW Member, you gain exclusive access to your own personal financial coach, community, and tools to meet you where you are and guide you through achieving your financial goals.¬†


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WOW is an exclusive community of successful people focused on connecting and becoming financially and personally empowered. The group offers a safe place for like-minded people with a variety of skills and experiences to have a well-rounded discussion and learn from each other.


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